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Hello my name is Emile and I have been in the audio visual industry for more than 45 years.


In the following pages I will step you through the process of obtaining a quality home entertainment system for your home. I do not sell on line as each entertainment solution that I offer must meet the needs and budget of you and your family, Every home is different and there is no one size solution that fits everybody.


There a hundreds of components on offer by different companies, which one is right  for you. Cheap products don’t last and are subject to being replaced every year whether by planned obsolescence, new technology or changes in design all of which are designed to reduce your bank account. The commercial electronics manufactures would like you believe that the new product is better it isn’t. Design changes are actually few and far between and if you buy right, you will have the system for a longer period of time without having to upgrade every year.


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The source component:

Is for all audio and visual systems the single most important device as it extracts all the information from whatever medium that you are using. A lot of money has gone into the recording process of your favourite artist and the fidelity of the playback should match as possible the original performance. Failure to extract all the information that has been recorded leads to a less than acceptable musical delivery. A lot of people think that the speaker is the most important component in an audio system. It isn’t the source extracts the content and the amplification delivers the musical dynamic to the Speaker and the speakers can only deliver content of the Source and Amplification At best any loudspeaker will mirror what it receives for the source and amplification in use.  



Turntables have made a comeback into the audio market and amongst the best turntables can cost a lot but then again quality has never been cheap. I grew up selling and setting up turntables.  And if you enjoy vinyl recordings then having a good turntable is a must.


However they need to be set up properly this is very important.


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