The pictures of products shown above are for example only and may not be available in South Africa. 

Dedicated Audio Visual Streaming

This is delivered from International streaming services for both Music and Musical content, digital recordings can be played back on mobile and AV systems in your home.


This has led to a drop in of virtually all CD/DVD/Blue-ray rental companies. It also affects satellite and cable television and digital feed remains stable even during bad weather, unlike satellite transmission that can drop out the signal in bad weather . Most of these devices can also being used as information retrieval systems and these have the advantage of being able to  integrate with home control and automation systems. With every member of the amily being able to watch or listen to anything anywhere in the home.


The Amazon Echo with its limited artificial intelligence takes us to a new one of the first to offer an excellent  home solution. Many more will follow including Google and other famous manufacturers.


Amplifiers  like Musical Fidelity are ideal for Hi Fi quality music being beamed straight from Spotify, Tidal and other streaming services.


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