The pictures of products shown above are for example only and may not be available in South Africa. 

Loud Speakers: 

Loud Speakers come in all shapes and sizes. Floor Standing, Book Shelf, In wall, On wall, in Ceiling, Invisible, In your Face or discrete. Most people think that it is the loudspeaker that delivers the power (WRONG) it is the amplifier that makes the speaker sing. An example is  you can by  really exotic rims and tyres for your car but it doesn’t make the car go faster. More money  is spent making the Motor in a fast car. In Hi Fi Terms you need a good source and amplification before you spend money on exotic loud speakers. Small amplifiers damage loud speakers because they distort and send Direct Current (DC) into voice coil of the speaker and this burns it out. I have even seen seen speakers that have caught fire due this problem.


A bigger amplifier is safer period. And every room has different  acoustics. Ask us for a consultation, it will save you money.


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