The pictures of Installations shown above are for example only. This is show you what can be done. 


In todays fast moving world Home entertainment Systems are updated frequently especially at the lower end of the market. The problem is is that most of the technologies on offer suffer from feature creep, where all sorts of unnecessary options are added to the products, which will never get used. There are systems out there that can use a hundred and plenty speakers and I ask the question why. Not every home can cater for so many speakers, also the menu systems on most of the commercial products are not easy to set up or use. The important thing to look at is how easy it is to setup and how much fun you will have.


We have a choice of sources these days; Turntables,  CD/DVD and Blue ray Players. And the new products will stream straight from the world web (The Internet of things) and this will multiply in coming years.  Please remember that the source material or stream is very important as  a bad signal in well deliver a bad signal out audio and visual. You are welcome to contact me for a consultation. Above are few images of Home Cinemas. Done properly they can add real value to your home.


If you buy right, you buy out of doing endless, meaningless updates.  Which cost a great deal of money every two years or so.


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