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CD Players, DVD Players, Blue Ray Players and Streaming Products.

As outlined on the Turntable page. Any source that you use has to be able to extract all the information that has been recorded by professional recording engineers. Low cost products do not deliver like better models do to extract all the quality Music that the media can deliver to the amplifier and speakers.

For this you need…

CD players.

Were the first digital audio players to be invented and they rapidly became more popular than turntables for playing back music at home. The smaller CD discs took up less space than the older Vinyl Records and were less easy to damage. These were music only and the future was in audio visual products. Today there are very few dedicated CD players on offer as later machines have become multi functional  


DVD players. 

Were the next step in music reproduction as they also played back video as well as music CD’s could be played back on the DVD player. The video quality was standard definition and the products that followed the DV could deliver high definition for music and movies.


Blue Ray Players.

Blue Ray Players were the next step in the AV Music chain of digital play back products and they had the ability to play back 1080P High Definition Video (Full HD) as well.) One machine to play CD/DVD and Blue Ray Disks. Some of the newer machines have the ability  to stream digital video and music as which is a plus.


Streaming Digital Products are now the next generation of digital music and video playback.

This means no discs, No records, No tapes. Everything is now streamed directly from the World Wide Web (The Internet of things) It replaces satellite and cable media distribution. Digital content can even be downloaded and stored on local Hard Drives. There are now many source providers like Tidal and Spotify offering excellent  high fidelity streaming music. And video is not far behind in the scheme of things.



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