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Home entertainment

Buying a new AV(Audio Visual) System for your home can be quite daunting. Especially from commercial supermarket stores that do not have trained staff to advise the client properly. The cheaper brand models are replaced  frequently with new models every year or less. And this costs you big money over time trying to keep up


You don’t have to buy a new product every year if you spend a little more to get a foot hold in the better end of the AV market you will have your product for a lot longer. Technology does not change as much as these manufacturers would like you to believe. The new Multiple Speakers processors are designed to sell more speakers, whereas a properly set up basic system using better products will actually give you a better experience.


What has changes most often is TV standards. HD, Full HD and Varied plus HDR all promise better experiences but the HD content delivery media and streaming is lagging behind


Most people have already got a full HD TV and the Ultra High Definition TV market has not yet settled down. There is already talk of 8K TV’s And new HDR (High Dynamic Range) colour enhancement.


The problem is that content for Ultra  HD Definition TV is almost none existent in 2018 in most countries. And it will have to wait for faster networks to deliver streaming quality content in Ultra HD. This will of course require a new new streaming receiver and an uncapped digital network in your home.


Better units  deliver better quality and have greater longevity. Replaceable video boards on some models are a plus, Streaming services built in to the pre-electronics help to make these Models somewhat future proof.


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I am a believer when it comes to streaming content as there are no black outs  during thunder storms From Dish based content providers. Again it is a question of buying right and talking to somebody who understand what is required to use the new technology in your home. A Mass Store or a Super market is not the right place to buy  new technical products.


We install wand set up what we supply and all the cables get hidden away so that you don’t have a rats nest by your TV.


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