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Home entertainment.

High quality stereo amplification is must to drive your speakers properly. (Imagine you buy a motor car with an underpowered engine then put fancy rims and tyres on to look like it can go faster?


Real power comes from a better engine.) and a speakers need good  amplification to perform properly. The biggest cause of speaker damage is caused by under powered amplification being driven into distortion which in turn destroys the voice-coil on a loud speaker.


Amplifiers come in three types; Preamplifiers, Power amplifiers and Integrated amplifiers. Pre and power amplifiers are two box or more solutions and have a lot of power to make your speakers come alive. An integrated amplifier combines the pre and the power amplifier in one box. Which is better? It really depends on your budget and the speakers you would like to use.


We can install and set up what we supply and all the cables get hidden away, so that you don’t have a rats nest of cables collecting dust in your living room.


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